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Common Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

Anywhere you go in Jacksonville, it is common to see a number of bicyclists getting some exercise or simply enjoying the weather and views. Unfortunately, it is also common to hear about bicyclists who have been involved ...

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Why Truck Accident Cases Can Be So Complex

  The legal process following any type of motor vehicle accident can be stressful. However, obtaining compensation following a commercial truck accident can be particularly complicated. Truck accident cases can be more complex for a variety of reasons, ...

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The Dangers of Drunk Drivers Increases on St. Patrick’s Day

  St. Patrick’s Day is a day of festivities across the United States. People come out to see parades, wear green, and celebrate their Irish heritage (or pretend they are Irish for the day). A big part ...

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Jacksonville Auto Accident Lawyer

Rear-End Accidents Can Be Surprisingly Serious

In many cases, a rear-end accident is called a “fender-bender,” usually referring to the relatively slight amount of damage that results. This is because many rear-end accidents happen at slower speeds and often at traffic signals. However, ...

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Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney

3 Myths About Personal Injury Cases

You have probably seen court TV shows or heard of someone you know filing a personal injury lawsuit against another party. However, most people have many misconceptions about the legal process when it comes to personal injury ...

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