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Personal Injury

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Helping People who Have Been Injured in Florida

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time and can completely change your life. After an accident, you can find yourself with a long-lasting or even permanent disability that can prevent you from working or enjoying your life. Even minor injuries often require expensive medical treatment and can cause you to miss work and lose income. The good news is that Jacksonville personal injury attorney Benjamin Williams is here to help you.

If you believe that someone else’s negligence1 caused your personal injury, you should not delay in calling Williams Law to discuss your case for free today.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

At Williams Law, we handle a variety of personal injury cases stemming from many different types of accidents and injuries. Cases we regularly handle can involve the following and more:

No matter what type of accident occurred or what type of injuries you sustained, you will likely experience some type of financial loss as a result. In some cases, injuries can be catastrophic and life-changing.

How We Can Help You

Many people are unsure why they should call an experienced personal injury lawyer after an accident. You may not realize all of the many ways an attorney can help throughout your case to ensure you receive full compensation for your losses. The following are only some ways that Williams Law will help you after an accident and injury:

Evaluate your situation to see if you have a valid insurance or personal injury claim.
Use resources to investigate and identify any and all negligent parties that caused your accident.
Collect evidence to support your claims of negligence and of the severity of your injuries.
Negotiate with insurance companies and review all settlement offers to ensure they are adequate.
File a personal injury claim in civil court.
Negotiate a favorable settlement offer with the other party.
Represent you at trial if necessary.

The personal injury legal process can be complex and has many requirements and the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney is critical to your successful recovery.

Call a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer For a Free Consultation

At Williams Law, we have regularly seen just how devastating personal injuries can be for you and your family. Not only can injuries cause financial issues, but they can result in pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and many more types of hardship. Personal injury attorney Benjamin Williams is committed to standing up for the interests and legal rights of accident victims and he will explore every possible option for you to recover financially. Consultations are always free, so please call our office at (904) 580-6060 or use our contact form to talk about your options today.

1 https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/negligence

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