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Representing Your Rights in Class Action Lawsuits

Some personal injury cases involve a single injured victim who was the only hurt in a single incident. In other situations, however, many different victims may have been injured by the same company or party. In such cases, the injured individuals have the opportunity to form a class and bring a legal claim against the liable party together. In such cases, certain victims serve as lead plaintiffs and others can join the class if their injuries are related. The members of the class split any settlement or award that results from the case.

If you are considering joining a class action lawsuit, you should have an attorney who has specific experience with this type of case. Class actions can have unique rules and procedures1 and you want to ensure you have the best chance of recovery. Please do not hesitate to call the office of class action attorney Benjamin Williams in Jacksonville today.

Reasons To Join a Class Action

There are many reasons why you may want to join a class action if the option is available. First, class action cases can save significant resources that may be necessary in an individual case. Not every plaintiff in a class action has to put forth the resources to win the case, as most simply rely on the lead plaintiff to do so.

In addition, many injuries occur because a large corporation made an error and acted negligently. Taking on a huge company or organization can be rightfully intimidating, as most companies are well-represented in legal actions and can use money and resources to further intimidate individual plaintiffs into settling for an inadequate amount or even dropping the claim. If you come together as a class, you will be more powerful against corporations and other well-funded parties who caused your injuries.

Common Examples of Class Actions

While many different injuries can lead to class action lawsuits, some of the common examples can include the following:

Dangerous drugs — When a popular pharmaceutical or medical device causes widespread injury among users, class actions can result.

Defective vehicles — If a large group of cars has defects, many different drivers can be injured in accidents due to the malfunctioning vehicle.

Consumer products — Aside from drugs and cars, many other household products can cause serious injuries to many consumers before the product is properly recalled and consumers are warned of the dangers.

Overtime & Wage Issues– Employers routinely try to save big money by failing to pay their employees millions of dollars in unpaid overtime and legally required wages. Unpaid overtime, exemption misclassification, time shaving, stealing waitstaff tips and failure to properly calculate wages are some of the more common examples.

In addition to product liability2 cases, class actions have also stemmed from widespread lead poisoning, oil spills, tobacco injuries, and more.

Call a Jacksonville Class Action Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Not every personal injury lawyer has the resources and knowledge to represent your rights in a class action lawsuit. At Williams Law, we have provided skilled representation for many clients involved in class actions. We can review your situation and advise whether or not joining a class would be in your best interests and can help you pursue your case either way.

Mr. Williams handles each case personally. We take a personal interest in each of our clients’ lives because we understand how these injuries affect the victims and their families. Let us handle your claims so you can concentrate on healing.

Don’t be treated like a number. At Williams Law we protect clients like family.

Remember, you pay NOTHING up front, and you pay NOTHING unless we win.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so call our office today at (904) 580-6060 or send us an email through our online contact form.

1 https://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/frcp/rule_23
2 https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/products_liability

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