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How Social Media Can Hurt Your Workers’ Comp Claim

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Workers’ compensation insurance is required for many employers in Florida to ensure that people injured on the job receive the financial benefits they need for medical care, lost wages, and disabilities. While many workers’ compensation claims can be relatively straightforward, others can become complicated if an employer or the insurer challenges all or part of a claim.

Even a partial denial of your claim can leave you without the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury. Therefore, it is important to understand how certain factors can harm your chances of receiving a full approval. One factor that may come into play is your social media activity. If your employer sees certain posts, photos, or status updates, he or she may have doubts about your claim and may deny your claim or terminate benefits early.

Questioning How the Injury Occurred

In order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefit, Florida law requires that an injury must have happened in the course of your employment. One common way to challenge a claim is to challenge that the injury happened on the job.

For example, imagine that you say that you hurt your back carrying something down the stairs at work. You then mention you were at the ER on Facebook, and when a friend asks for details, you may offhandedly comment that you fell on the stairs. The difference in the explanation of how the injury happened may be enough to raise doubt in your employer’s mind.

Questioning the Severity of Your Injury

If you say that your injury is serious enough to prevent you from working for a period of time but then post a photo of you on vacation, playing sports, or engaging in other activities, your employer may doubt the severity of your injuries. If he or she believes that you do not need to miss work, your benefits may be terminated before you are able to return to your job.

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